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not only do we provide basic comprehensive courses, but we also provide a professional consulting team to help tailor a unique growth path for each student. The comprehensive basic curriculum includes three parts: The Early Childhood Education Courses, the Language Courses, and the STEM Courses. No matter when your child joins us, we have the most detailed education system to enable your child to develop in all aspects.

 Preschool Education Course (2-6) 

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Our program will unlock Children’s full potential in a playful, safe learning atmosphere and lay a solid foundation for their future learning and development.

School-Aged Program (6+) 

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Our structured and comprehensive program is designed for students 6 years old+, helping them become lifelong eager learners.


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To help students aged 2-17 build up their scientific literacy and prepare them for being future engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs.


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Our program offers a wide variety of language courses to suit the globalized world with our experienced, professional native-speaking teachers providing an immersive and authentic language learning experience.

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